Vladimir Naumov

Vidas' Cinema Art Teacher ______________________________________________________________________

Vladimir Naumov has become one of the Eastern European cinema classics. His name is among the greatest film directors of Eastern Europe, such as Nikita Michalkov, Ottar Joselin, Sergej Paradjanov, Marlen Chucyjev and Andrey Tarkovsky.
A number of outstanding European cinema actors took part in Vladimir Naumov’s films. Just to mention a few: Alain Delon, Marchello Mastroianni, Kurd Jurgens, Clod Jad, George Jare and others.


from the top left

1. Fiml director Vladimir Naumov

2. While film shooting "Tegeran-43" with the actors

    Alen Delon and Natalia Belohvostikova

3. Vladimir Naumov with Marcello Mastroianni,

    Julieta Masina, and Federico Fellini

4. Vladimir Naumov and Federico Fellini were

    close friends


from the top left

1. Professor Vladimir Naumov and Vidas after

    receiving his MA at VGIK, Moscow, 1999

2. Students with Paul Shrider after the set of his

    master classes at VGIK, Moscow. (Vidas is in the

    centre at the back.)

3. While film shooting "A Victim of the Sun"

4. Vidas in the film "Sixteenagers"

I am forever grateful to my professor Vladimir Naumov and for the opportunity to study film direction and screenwriting at VGIK, one of the greatest European schools of cinema arts.”

Vidas Rasinskas

For almost a decade Vidas worked as an Assistant Director at the Lithuanian National Film Studio. During this period of time, the film production had become his passion and he decided to dedicate the rest of his life to the cinema. In 1990 Vidas entered the legendary Moscow International University of Cinema (VGIK), where he obtained both MA in Film Directing and BA in Script Writing.
While studying at VGIK, Vidas created a short film “Christmas Eve” (15 min., 35 mm), which was broadcasted on TV number of times. His graduation film “Wooden Staircase” (56 min., 35 mm) was screened at several European film festivals and presented to the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for an Oscar.
In 2005 Vidas graduated from Canadian Screen Training Centre, Director’s Lab, in Ottawa and in 2013 directed and produced the film “Requiem for the Dead Forest” (38 min).
Over the last more than twenty years, Vidas has written a number of scripts for feature films, short dramas, and theatrical plays with his wife and dedicated co-writer Rasa Noreika. The most recent screenplay is for the feature film “Nemesis” and the theatrical play "Advent".

Film production background and Studies at VGIK