Rasa has been always excited about the opportunity to take part in screenwriting. Back in 1996, it was a new and challenging venture for her and she dived into it with enormous passion. Although it was extremely inspiring, she could only work with the scripts on her spare time from the full-time graphic design job at the advertising agency.

Rasa's enthusiasm and persistence helped her to advance the skills necessary to write the engaging dialogs and develop interesting characters.

Rasa feels blessed and greatly thankful for the opportunity to gain practical knowledge of dramaturgy while working directly with highly talented and university trained professional screenwriter and film director Vidas Rasinskas.

Over the years of mutual work, Rasa and Vidas have developed their own system in co-writing which has proven itself by giving excellent results. 

Rasa has the everything-is-possible type of a personality and because of this attitude, she achieves miracles. She plays a significant role in all stages of film production and wears multiple hats to accomplish the goals.

In addition to her talent in writing, she is excellent in art direction, editing and sounds.

Rasa also has more than two decades of successful practical day-to-day work experience in creative graphic design, advertising and marketing both in Europe and Canada.


Co-Writer / Art Director


Over the last more than twenty years, Vidas has written a number of film scripts and theatrical plays with his dedicated co-writer Rasa.

The most recent works are the screenplay for the two-hour feature film “Nemesis” and the theatrical play "Advent".

Rasa Noreika